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Dec 5, 2012 5:00pm EST
outside before the blaze. he was outside with us and then he went back in. kaboom.e went you can see crews trying to secure the home. they will put up boards. quite a bit of debris from the is now all inea .he front yard stillsta gators are trying to pin down -- inv are still time to pin .own what happened reporting live in northwest, jennifer donelan, abc 7 news. they're handling this case. investigators will be back in the neighborhood tomorrow. a 14-year-old prince george's county boy is dead tonight. gang violence is to blame. he was killed on sheridan street in lewisdale. it was possible retaliation. brad bell has the latest on the investigation. brad? >> neighbors noticed a large young people hanging out just after midnight. i saw a whole group of latinos sitting there. a gathering included members lamer heard -- neighborhood gang. ms-13. police believe that conflict led to what happened next. all i heard was pow, pow, .ow, pow it sounded like a machine gun. i went to the door. there was screaming. eliezer b. reyes was mortally wounded in the drive-by shooting. grazed.d person was it
Dec 18, 2012 5:00pm EST
. >>lanza's mother illegally bought the assault style rock and he used in the shooting. today on capitol hill -- the assault style rifle he used in the shooting. >> certainly an impressive if not unprecedented gathering of mass shootings all across the country. the stress they are not anti- nra, but they do want congress and the white house to take action to prevent the next tragedy. >> my son was killed in the massacre in, and high school. >> the story is the same. >> she was my girlfriend. >> standing together, 23 families forever changed by mass shooting. >> you never want somebody to know what it is like. >> the shooting in connecticut opening new wound for many. her son was killed in the or aurora colorado, movie theater. >> unfortunately you and i both know it probably will happen again. >> some of these family members are members of the nra. some own guns. each putting a face to a tragedy, along with a plea for help. >> parents brothers, sisters families, need to step out of their living room and make a difference. >> for the parent whose son barely escaped friday connecticut shoo
Dec 17, 2012 5:00pm EST
figures, but northern virginia gun shops showed us that they had more sales of the weekend. >> i am fearful of not having to protect myself. >> the tragedy in connecticut has had another effect. gun bob? . they are getting a huge response. >> people are saying what happened in connecticut really did have an effect on them. >> the program in prince george's townie netted 160 weapons. >> that is 160 weapons where someone could decide in the heat of the moment they were going to use it to hurt someone. >> gun owners say they will continue to fight for their rights. >> taking guns away is not the answer. guns are just a tool. >> one couple that was done shopping told us that many of the stores are so busy, they had to go from store to store to get service. live from palmer park, richard reid abc7 news. >> our coverage will continue at 5:00 tonight as well. for closer look, you can go to our website -- leon? >> we switched gears and go on to the ongoing drama of the fiscal cliff. there are tonight's of the -- there are signs of potential progress. john boehner and president oba
Dec 31, 2012 5:00pm EST
with new spending measures. >> any suggestion that this new revenue, would be used to give away and funds new spending. >> the stakes remain high. especially for the d.c. region. >> the washington region will suffer under sequestration far worse than other parts of the country. >> both sides still insist they want a deal. the senate and house to avoid the fiscal cliff, but the senate is pushing forward hoping they will have the deal by midnight tonight. we will technically go over the cliff on new year's day. the house hopes to fix everything on wednesday. they hope the markets will stay calm if the senate? today. mellon says they're happy with this final deal -- no one says they are happy with this final deal. reporting live from the capital rebecca cooper. >> jobs at the pentagon may be in jeopardy when we go over the fiscal cliff. they are not the only military related work at stake. northern virginia bureau chief jeff goldberg is live at the pentagon tonight. >> last week, defense secretary leon panetta said day-to-day operations would likely not change dramatically if we go over the
Dec 6, 2012 5:00pm EST
to see what colors used in 90 years ago and used 50aments were years ago. >> even with the lineup of hollywood heavyweights and musicians, the top of build the first family, revelers who favor rudolph. met the first lady before. >> president obama and his daughters will be here. they are just wrapping up a ceremony. seen a lot of musicians playing. this year is a brand-new one. is a giant colorado blue juste and it was transplanted back in october previous tree died because of rock. last year it was new because the that was blown down in february of 2011. some winds took it out during a storm. this one will be able to stick around. abc7 news. >> thank you. keep the -- tell that back up the band to keep it going. be there freezing with her. >> it is going to be a great show. you picturesing , we will have it you throughout the newscast youof course we will show e finished product when the cup -- president comes out. expectwarning, you can major traffic delays in and out of the city. >> a downside. other news for you, today was a for gay couples in maryland. marriagefile for a in ja
Dec 28, 2012 5:00pm EST
custody. authorities tell us at this hour charges are pending. reporting live, brianne carter, wjlaabc 7 news. >> a serious accident in rockville. a multi car crash and caused a major traffic problem during the middle of the day. police say these four people were taken to the hospital. >> the loudoun county sheriff's deputy behind bars after a fight with a friend. 49-year-old robert degroot has been charged with misdemeanor assault and battery. the deputies said that ca man told them that degroot assaulted him while he was working on the home. >> to the police -- county police releasing a picture of a carjacking suspect antoine mciver. the7900 four people, including a 12-year-old, have been >> one of the region's largest gun shows opened. two weeks after the tragedy in newtown. the gun show is happening at the dallas expo center, which is where northern virginia bureau chief jeff goldberg is live tonight. >> this is the ninth year of the gun show here in chantilly. organizers expect a crowd here to be far larger than any that have had in the past. take a look around. it is hard to even w
Search Results 0 to 5 of about 6